Saturday, October 24, 2015

Free Space!

What's the best part about playing bingo?

The Obama-themed daubers? Yeah, they're pretty good. 
(I have one, it's real and it's spectacular) 

The Blue Hairs going on about what Matlock is up to this week? Maybe.
(spoiler: He's up to a lot of down home Southern lawyering)

The feeling of righteous indignation and when someone says bingo and doesn't actually have it and you keep playing? That is excellent, but no. 

The best part of Bingo...

The FREE SPACE! The one you get without lifting a finger. You one you get without even trying, like the universe wanted you to win. Offload Bingo has you covered there, too.

How does FREE SPACE work with Offload Bingo? Think sudden death match - the next player offloaded anywhere in the system gets a bingo. It's that simple. First come, first served, first then offloaded due to service issues, is the winner. 

@Offloadbingo will be calling a FREE SPACE the last week of the game - keep a look out for it! 

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